Abdelilah El Alaoui

Abdelilah El Alaoui is originally from Zagora, Morocco. He received his bachelor’s degree in linguistics from Ibno Zohr University. He has also received several degrees in filmmaking, photography, and teaching. He has been a teacher at Allal Ben Abdellah Middle School since 2004 and is the head of two active school clubs. Additionally, Mr. El Alaoui is the founder of the educational project “Je partage” as well as the winner of several national film festival awards in Morocco. He enjoys movies, photography, sports, writing plays and films scripts, traveling, and interesting conversation. During his year in the United States, he was looking forward to exploring the diversity and the richness of American culture. Mr. El Alaoui’s primary objectives for participating in TCLP were learning more about American teaching methodologies, society, and culture, sharing best teaching practices, and making the learning of both English and Arabic more effective and enjoyable. He was hosted by Thomas Edison Language Institute in Sacramento, CA.
Arabic Teacher
Program Year