Ma Jianhong

Ma Jianhong is originally from Ningbo, China. He holds degrees in English education from both Ningbo Normal University and Zhejiang Normal University. Mr. Ma has earned the professional title of senior teacher, and has acted as both the deputy age group and English Department leader. His favorite part of teaching has been acting as a class tutor. Mr. Ma enjoys reading, especially about current issues both at home and abroad, which can give students a new perspective beyond textbook learning. He is especially proud of two teaching experiences—teaching English in a poor mountainous area on a "government helping government" program, and teaching Mandarin in Scotland on a British Councils program. His primary objective for TCLP is to become a global educator who can prepare his American students for a globally connected world. Mr. Ma was hosted by Izard County Consolidated Elementary School in Violet Hill, Arkansas.
Mandarin Teacher
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