Tang Beiyi

Tang Beiyi is from Sichuan, China and holds a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Methods of Teaching English from the Department of Education at Sichuan Normal University. Tang has won the First Prize in the National English Teachers' Contest for Skills and Ability. She taught at Mianyang Foreign Languages School from 2001-2007. She has since been teaching English at Huaxi Middle School in Chengdu (4,500 students and 300 teachers). Tang has previously won the National Scholarship for Excellent English Teachers and participated in a Teacher Training Project at Nottingham University, UK, where she had the opportunity to gain experience with current teaching methodologies, critical thinking, communicative language, and the teaching of writing. Ms. Tang has one son who currently studies at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). Her hobbies include table-tennis and music. Her goal for participating in the Teachers of Critical Languages Program is to bring innovative Chinese teaching methods to the U.S. and to explore student assessment techniques in the United States.
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