Li Shumeng

Li Shumeng is from Changchun, China and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Changchun University. She received her Master of Arts Degree in English Language and Literature from Northeast Normal University in 2006. She has since been teaching at Northeast Normal University’s affiliated middle school (4,526 students and 202 teachers), one of the most respected middle schools in Changchun City. Ms. Li has received a number of awards including first prize for the 7th National Contest in Combining Information Technoloy and Course Unification, as well as Excellent Young Teacher award. Ms. Li has attended several national education training forums over the years. She has also previously done Investigation Trips abroad to both New Zealand and Australia. She is married, and enjoys sports and music. As a teacher with the Teachers of Critical Languages Program, she plans to bring Chinese culture and history to U.S. classrooms, and to explore the U.S. educational system.
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