Li Xiulan

Li Xiulan is from Liaoning province. She holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees, one in English from Shanghai Foreign Studies University and another in Chinese from Shenyang Normal University. During her 30 years of teaching and research, she has published many essays and books. Besides teaching, she serves as the head of the English research group and department in Shenyang Art and Children Normal School. She is one of the few professors and outstanding teachers from secondary schools in the city. Ms. Li has one son who attends Clemson University in North Carolina. Her interests include reading, traveling and sports. Ms. Li’s goals for participating in TCLP are to learn creative teaching methods from U.S. teachers, bring Chinese culture to the U.S., and to explore better ways to teach children foreign languages in U.S. schools. Ms. Liu was hosted by Providence Elementary School in Huntsville, Alabama.
Mandarin Teacher
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