Teresa Caron

Dr. Terri Caron is originally from Atlanta Georgia. She received a Bachelor of Nuclear Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Later she earned a Masters of Science in Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Secondary Mathematics Education from the University of South Carolina. Dr. Caron is now the Mathematics Facilitator at Swain County High School and Middle School, as well as an Instructional Coach and the Math Department Chair. She participated in the Japan Fulbright Memorial Teacher Program and the Teacher-to-Teacher Russia Exchange Program and was a recipient of the Who’s Who among American Teachers award. Dr. Caron has also traveled to England, Costa Rica, Mexico and Fifi. In her spare time, Dr. Caron enjoys sports, hiking, reading, scuba diving and spending time with her husband, children and grandchildren.
She was the mentor teacher for Niu Jun.

After receiving her Nuclear Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, Dr. Caron went to work for General Dynamics-Electric Boat Division as a start-up engineer on fast attack nuclear submarines. After working on submarines for 3 years, she worked for Bechtel Corporation - Los Angeles Power Division as an engineer on the construction of San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. She then took time off to raise her family. When her three children were in elementary school she began her career as a teacher. She worked in the classroom while obtaining her Masters of Science in Mathematics (1996) and her PhD in Secondary Mathematics Education (2006), both from the University of South Carolina. During her time as an educator, Dr. Caron taught kindergarten through college at various institutions. She developed an interest in under-achieving math students and did her dissertational research on ways to raise the performance level of these students. She continues to work with curriculum and teachers to find ways to make students successful in the math classroom. She developed an integrated class in which she teaches Pre-Calculus/Calculus and AP Physics as one class. The students learn their mathematics within the context of the physics curriculum. Dr. Caron currently lives in the mountains of western North Carolina with her husband and two Great Danes.

Teresa Caron was the mentor teacher for Niu Jun at Swain County High School.
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