Liu Xi

Ms. Liu is from Benxi, China and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Dalian University of Foreign Language. She has taught English at Tangshan No. 1 High School since 2006. In 2010, Ms. Liu participated in the Total Immersion Program organized by China’s Bilingual Foreign Language, English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program and Educational Services Exchange with China, where she observed and joined classes conducted by an American facilitator and developed experience in teaching methodologies. Ms. Liu is easygoing and beloved by her students, and her hobbies include music and sports. Her main goal while participating in the Teachers of Critical Languages Program is to bring Chinese language and culture to U.S. classrooms and to learn teaching methods, while exploring her host city. She was hosted by Sonoran Trails Middle School (833 students and 39 teachers) in Phoenix, Arizona (pop. 30,000).
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