Samir Gibrial

Samir Nasim Hakim Gibrail is from Alexandria and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from South Valley University. He has been teaching at the Mohamed Zahran Experiemental Language School (3000students and 200teachers) since 2002. Samir completed a Teacher Development course for Teaching English as a Foreign Language in the United Kingdom in 2004. Past teaching experience includes teaching English at Elramel Prep School and Elnasria Secondary School. Among his many honors, he has been awarded a certificate from the University of Edinburgh's Morah House School of Education. He has an international certificate of ICDL.He has a certificate on Civic Education.Samir graduated from the faculty of Education Department of English in 1995 and has since taught in many different schools; Elramel Prep school, Elnasria Secondary School and Mohamed Zahran Eperimental Language School. He has traveled to England and Scotland and taught Egyptian culture in Scottish High Schools. He received a certificate from the Linlithgow Academy of Education and the Lasswade High School Centre. He is married with three children: Silvana, Sandra and Rafael.

He was hosted by the Academy for Math, Engineering, and Science in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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