Liu Fang

Liu Fang is from Harbin, Heilongjiang Province and holds a degree in English language teaching. Ms. Liu teaches at the Harbin No. 113 Middle School (3,850 students and 222 teachers), one of the highest achieving schools in Harbin. The school specializes in English language and information technology. Ms. Liu has taught since 1998 and has won several awards including the “Successful Completion of English Language and Cultural Understanding Study Tour” in Australia in 2002, the Fifth National English Class Contest in 2004, and the "Expert English Teacher in Heilongjiang Province" in 2005.

She was hosted by Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during the 2007-2008 academic year. During her time teaching in the U.S., Ms. Liu deepened heritage learners' knowledge of Chinese language and culture and increased the interest of non-heritage students.
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