Ahmed Mohamed

Ahmed Mohamed is from Etay El-Baroud, Behera. He earned his degree from Alexandria University, and has since been teaching English at Lotfy Al-Ostah Secondary School for Girls (1,000 students and 100 teachers) in Etay El-Baroud. He has also spent time teaching illiterate people in his neighborhood to read and write. He benefited from taking an advanced English language course provided by the Ministry of Education and USAID, and, to maintain his professional training, he also took a three-month TESOL course at Edinburgh University in the United Kingdom. He is married with two children: his son Mahmoud and his daughter Shiroq. Mr. Ahmed’s hobbies include reading, traveling and learning foreign languages. He is participated in the Teachers of Critical Languages Program to introduce his language and culture to American students, as well as to improve his proficiency in English and to explore differences in American and British English.

Mr. Mohamed was hosted by Renaissance Magnet High School during the 2010-2011 academic year.
Arabic Teacher
Program Year