Alumni Update: Sun Liang
Sun Liang presented to a delegation of English teachers in Sichuan province about Multiple Intelligences


It was my great honor to be able to participate in TCLP, which made the 2009-2010 Academic year, the most rewarding year for me thus far in my professional life. Every teacher can improve upon their teaching practices, and having the opportunity to learn about a different education system, allowed me to reflect and improve the way I teach to my students in China. `

Thanks to my experience of teaching in the US, I have gotten more opportunities now that I am back in China, not only in the city where I work, but also in my province as a whole. On July 22, 2013, I was asked to give a presentation to a delegation of English teachers from the Middle Schools of The Sichuan Province. I was nervous when I got the invitation, because I had no idea what I could talk about. However, I did know this an opportunity for me, and it made me feel so wonderful knowing that they view me as a capable speaker. I wanted my presentation to be different from traditional lectures in China, and I also hoped that all the teachers would find what I had to say to be meaningful and useful. I decided to talk about The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which was something that I had learned about in the US, and is something that I have taken an interest in personally.

The presentation lasted for over two hours, and I could tell that all of the teachers were extremely engaged. Most of them took a very active role in the activity that I designed. The activity was for the teachers to see which intelligence they had, and how the intelligence would affect their way of study as well as their way of teaching. I also introduced various ways of teaching, to meet the needs of the students who were gifted in different subject areas.

This presentation was highly regarded by the teachers, because after the session, I got emails, phone calls and text messages asking me to share more teaching strategies. The university that invited me to give the presentation thought that it was so successful, that they asked me to give it to another group of teachers. I am definitely still learning myself, but I am happy to see more teachers are willing to join me and have more broad subjects of professional development.

I strongly feel that without the year that I spent in the US, I would never have had such an opportunity to give presentation at the provincial level. I was proud of being able to participate in TCLP and am also eager to promote this wonderful program to my friends and colleagues.