Project Type
Professional Development Project
Award Project Round

This project will invite TCLP alumni teachers from top high schools across China to Ms. Wang’s home city of Liuyang to give professional teaching lectures and display a demonstration class to 57 English teachers in Ms. Wang’s home school and 81 members of Ms. Wang's English workshop. The TCLP alumni teachers will share their latest and advanced teaching ideas and the understanding of American culture that they gained from their in-person experiences in the U.S. They will also demonstrate some of the class activities they learned from their TCLP teaching experience in the U.S. This program will give a great opportunity to the English teachers in Liuyang to get to know what teachers from developed cities in China are doing and thinking, and will inspire them to research on how to improve students' English subject core competencies. It will also offer them a chance to learn advanced teaching strategies and skills and help to improve language teaching at Ms. Wang’s home school and in Liuyang, especially when teachers in Liuyang face the potential challenges of a new curriculum standard and new textbooks.