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School Project
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Wang Ling received a CLP grant to build a sister school relationship between her host school in Rhode Island, Chariho Regional High School, and her home school in China, No.1 High School of Liuyang. The main goals of the project were to coordinate regular virtual exchanges for students at both schools, offer professional development opportunities for teachers in the U.S. and China to share best practices, establish exchange programs for Chinese students to study at Chariho Regional High School as international students and for U.S. students to study at No.1 High School of Liuyang or to volunteer, and establish a Chinese language and culture classroom at Chariho Regional High School. Students at the host and home schools connected through virtual exchanges and continue to connect though art exchanges, speech competitions, and other virtual activities. The principals of both schools met through video conferences and the principal of Chariho Regional High School visited No.1 High School of Liuyang in June 2019. This CLP supported language learning and cultural exchange between students, teachers, and administrators at the host and home schools.