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Professional Development Project
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Jia Lili (2015) was awarded a CLP grant to conduct a professional development program for teachers in Hebei Province in September 2016. Ms. Jia modeled the program after the professional development training sessions she attended through TCLP and her U.S. host school while teaching Mandarin at Walnut Elementary School in California. She conducted this project in collaboration with two other TCLP alumni: Chen Manman (2015) and Chen Jinyun (2013).

The project was supported by the Institute of Education and Research in Shijiazhuang, which invited teachers from schools across the city to participate in the project. Two hundred and seventy-six teachers from twelve different schools ultimately attended the conference and workshops, which took place at No. One Senior High School. Teachers were able to choose training topics that interested them, including “Classroom Management”, “Helping At-risk Students and Class Size”, “English Reading and How to Foster Students’ Reading Ability”, and “How to Solve Your Problems in Teaching ”.