Ta3lam Alarabiya

Host School

Students created an Arabic book that includes most topics we have studied in Arabic. They used the sentence structure and integrated more than three units in one book. They created the name of the book and the cover. We have learned how to use google translate to practice Arabic and they used this skill successfully.

Capstone project: crafts and skits

My vision for the capstone project is to have students perform skits and voice-over projects where they have authentic interactions in Arabic. They will also exhibit their artistic crafts related to Arabic culture. During curriculum and learning materials design, I decided to have a creative and authentic way to assess students' acquisition. At the end of the unit, they must make a video representing the culmination of all linguistic functions, vocabulary, and grammatical structures learned throughout the trimester.

Beyond Borders


This program will use students as resources to introduce Arabic culture and language to the school through an international week summed up by an event to celebrate diversity. The focus of our program will be how Middle Eastern culture influenced other disciplines including Art, science, history, and literature.

The Arabic Culture Showcase

The Arabic Culture Showcase

In this project , the students will showcase their skills in learning Arabic to other students , parents , and teachers. The event will be held in the media center in Plantation Middle school On the last Sat of , April 2023. There will be six partitions with different groups of students. The first is to write the names of the guests in Arabic on Cartouches. The second is to prepare welcome drinks for the guests like hibiscus , tamarind, tea, etc.