Chinese Traditional Festival Curriculum

The capstone project of Scioto Darby Elementary School was the Chinese Traditional Festival Curriculum. There are many traditional festivals during a year. Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Qingming Festival, and Dragon Boat Festival are the main ones. In the curriculum, there are many interesting activities.

Chinese New Year Guard Rally

Host School

My capstone project is the Chinese New Year Guard Rally. The purpose of this event is to enable students to experience Chinese traditional culture more deeply and be interested in learning Chinese. The event is arranged on the day before the Chinese New Year, which is New Year ’s Eve. We performed three times during the day so that all the teachers and students of the school have the chance to take part in this event. The first is for pre-k to second grade students, the second is for third to fifth grades, and the third is for sixth to ninth grades.

Chinese Culture Club

Host School

My project is to introduce Chinese Culture in my Chinese Club. During the Chinese Lunar New Year, we learned about the origin and celebration of the Spring Festival. I organized a dinner party with my students and club members. I showed then how to make dumplings, and we made the dumplings together. I also cooked some Chinese dishes for the party. We also watched the Spring Gala on CCTV. My students and I went on a field trip to Jackson College to participate the celebration there.

Field Trip--Cyrus Tang Hall of China

The theme of our capstone project is Field Trip—Cyrus Tang Hall in China. The aim of the field trip is to let the students of Grade 5 and Grade 6 at LaSalle to take a closer look at objects that tell stories of China’s complex history, diverse cultures, while learning Mandarin.
The whole project will last several months which can be divided into three procedures:

Chinese Club

Host School

The capstone project is Chinese club. Anyone who is interested in can join. We will meet every Monday after school from 2:30-3:30 IN Room 128.We learn about Chinese culture, celebrate Chinese festivals, do calligraphy and Chinese painting, paper cutting and mask making, read Chinese cartoons as well as learning Chinese songs and dances. I will teach how to cook Chinese dishes and celebrate the Spring festival by organizing a food party on the Spring Festival Eve.

Moos Capstone Project

Capstone for Moos Elementary School is a big show for students. On spring festival, we will have a showcase for all the moos Chinese mandarin learners and parents and a dragon parade with students from different grade and a Chinatown tour. It will happen around Feb since it is the spring festival. The teachers will be on the fashion show and the fifth grade will be the MC.

Dumpling Day

January 24 is the Chinese New Year's Eve. Chinese people have the tradition of eating dumplings on New Year's Eve. It means that the old year has passed and the New Year has come. It aims to make people welcome the New Year with hope. I will invite some students, some staff and some parents to attend this activity on one day afternoon from January 21st -24th. I will teach them how to make dumplings, so that they can experience delicious food and know more about Chinese customs and culture.

Arabic Art Station at STEAM Family Fun Night and an Arabic Club

My capstone project is divided into two parts, I collaborated with my TCLP colleague to set up an Art Station at the STEAM Family Fun Night at my host school to introduce our program and both the Chinese and the Egyptian cultures. Families and students had fun learning about the Egyptian culture and the parents helped their kids making their own Ancient Egyptian wigs and collars, they also had the chance to have their names written in both Arabic and Chinese. Some students built a pyramid and others enjoyed taking pictures using the Pharaoh's maquette.