Arabic Fun Club

Host School

My capstone abstract is about the use of different games and activities outside the ordinary classroom to increase the students' different skills and to create a fun and pure educational atmosphere and let all kinds of learners to participate freely without stress., In my capstone project, I will mention some of these games and activities, for example, I use the "heads up" activity in which I ask one of the students to wear a crown with an Arabic word on and the student ask their peers questions until he or she reaches the word.

Chinese Club

Host School

The two Chinese clubs in the two feeder middle school can really bring a lot interests to students to take Chinese. Many students who sign up for the club may take Chinese classes when they get into high school. It will increase the energy, enthusiasm and excitement around the students to take Chinese.
In the club we will do:
Celebrate Chinese holidays
Learn about Chinese culture
Learn basic Chinese language
Do Chinese art such as Calligraphy and painting, paper cutting, mask making, etc
Play Chinese games
Learn Chinese songs and dances

Arabic Corner in the Library

Capstone Project: Abstract : (Arabic Corner in the Library)
When I arrived in Leicester Middle school, I went to the library looking for Arabic books or Arabic instructional Aids to help me in creating my lesson plans. I found none. The school has a large library but no Arabic books, bilingual dictionaries or books for teaching or learning Arabic as a foreign language. My idea is to establish an Arabic corner for students and staff members who want to know more about the Arabic language and culture.

Curriculum for Arabic I and II

Host School

Since this is the second year for the program in my school, I decided to create a curriculum for Arabic I & II as a capstone project to help the new teacher next year to find rich and authentic resources. Along the school year I had designed this curriculum which had helped my students with scaffolding the taught materials. I will leave copies of it to the World Language Department in my school and will keep a copy with me. The topics included, cover many daily life activities and interests.