ELA & Arabic Integrated Capstone Project "Layla and Majnun & Romeo and Juliet" (People are People)

Host School

Project title: Romeo & Juliet meets Layla and Majnun. As a project we will create a short shadow puppet video where students will act out parts of Romeo and Juliet and Layla and Majnun as thought to showcase both cultures. We were also joined with a visual artist from the Flock Theater (theater artists) and Alicia Cobb (visual artist) to help students bring it to life and work on the artwork with the students. The play was recorded and showcased on the morning announcements. 

Shen Yan's Capstone Project


My capstone project is to build up the relationship between students in U.S school and students in China via online videos. Students in U.S school have already learned some basic Chinese words so that they can make a brief introduction about themselves. Also American students will ask some questions like “ni hao ma? (how are you?)”, “ni jiao shen me ming zi? (what’s your name)” and “ni ji sui? (how old are you)”. If they want to introduce more about themselves or they want to ask more questions, they can speak in English slowly and clearly.