The cultures' Club


My capstone project is The Cultures’ Club. The club main objectives are to introduce the Moroccan culture besides the Middle East culture to my American host school staff and students. I will meet the interested students and club members on a regular basis so as to  share different presentations and workshops about the different aspects of Morocco’s culture and the cultures of other Middle East countries  such as Egypt , Syria , and Palestine .

Final Capstone Project


I have done a multifunctional capstone project, including Arabic Language and Moroccan Culture. I set a basic curriculum for kindergarteners. I also established a Virtual Club called "Taqaddam" (Face the Future) where I have shared with Parents and Guardians different aspects of the Moroccan culture such as cuisine, traditional clothes and celebrations. I also created a Digital Library and entitled it "Today a Reader,Tomorrow a Leader" to encourage kids to read at an early age.

Middle East Children's Books

Host School

For this project, students wrote and illustrated their own non-fiction children’s picture book about history, religion, culture, and lifestyles of a country of your their choice in the Middle East. The books were then read all around the school to younger grade levels and students of those classes were also taught how to introduce themselves and greet in Arabic. The books were finally displayed in the school library.

ELA & Arabic Integrated Capstone Project "Layla and Majnun & Romeo and Juliet" (People are People)

Host School

Project title: Romeo & Juliet meets Layla and Majnun. As a project we will create a short shadow puppet video where students will act out parts of Romeo and Juliet and Layla and Majnun as thought to showcase both cultures. We were also joined with a visual artist from the Flock Theater (theater artists) and Alicia Cobb (visual artist) to help students bring it to life and work on the artwork with the students. The play was recorded and showcased on the morning announcements. 

Sister School Project

My capstone project is to establish a sister school partnership between my host school in the US and my home school back in Egypt. The STEM school I work at back in my home country is well known by its interest in teaching languages. This relation between my students here and back there in my country is going to both open students' horizons and widen their scopes about understanding each other's cultures and different languages.

Library Corner and Curriculum

Thanks to the previous TCLP, Irving Elementary School has now an Arabic corner at the school library. I noticed that the addition of a curriculum with a record of the lessons and activities students are exposed to this year will be very beneficial, especially to future TCLPs. My capstone project is based on expanding the Arabic corner to include additional Arabic language learning books.

Digital Coursebook

As I work in an IB school, there is a tremendous focus on languages where Arabic is taught along with French, Spanish, and Mandarin. Yet, the school has no Arabic syllabus of its own; that is, no coursebook for teaching this language even though students – of all different levels – study it on a daily basis. This fact has arisen my interest to start this project that aims at starting to develop an Arabic syllabus that could be used by future teachers of Arabic at the school.

Arabic Club and Arab Culture

Host School

My capstone project is the Arabic club and Arab culture. I announced at my host school that there will be Arabic club in which students of different classes will join it and learn Arabic through different fun activities, moreover, they will learn about the Egyptian culture as there are too many items that are related to the Egyptian cultures such as Egyptian clothing, pharaohs masks and papyrus and there are also some language games.