July 2014 Issue

Sister Schools: Alumni Organize International Collaboration and Exchanges

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Nominate New TCLP Alumni Cohort Leaders in China and Egypt


Would you like to see more highlights from your cohort of international TCLP alumni, or see more alumni activities organized in China and Egypt? Nominate yourself or your TCLP colleagues to be an Alumni Cohort Leader by taking a brief survey.
Deadline: July 31.

End-of-Year Photo Contest Winners


Congratulations to the winners of the TCLP end of the year photo contest, Teriza Malak and Zhao Shuang!

  Photo by Teriza Malak   

 Photo by Zhao Shuang

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Host a Scholarship Student!

As a host family for one of our scholarship students, you have a unique opportunity to be engaged firsthand in a cultural exchange experience. 

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Chen Fangfang's Self-Discovery Journey
The following essay by Chinese exchange teacher Chen Fangfang won TCLP's "My American Experience Contest" this May:
My American friends always ask me, "Do you like America?" 


"Yes!" That is my always answer. 


Then usually this question will follow. "Do you miss China?" 


Without hesitation, I will say "Yes!" 


The simple answer "YES" always brings me into deep thoughts. It is hard to say which one I like better. Because they have different meanings to me and those differences make it fascinating and full of fun to discover. Before the discovery, I have the huge process which needs to be getting through-my self-discovery. Am I exactly aware of what I can do, what I desire to do and what I am about to do. Trees won't flourish without roots. What are my supporting roots? 
The curiosity about exploring the world makes me aspire to experience the differences, especially the first-hand American culture; the sense of responsibility on English teaching urges me to pursue supereminence in English. You can tell how happy I was when I knew I was in this program. To be the culture ambassador is not an easy job. I become intoxicated in learning the profound Chinese culture and language.
And I do feel confused when I find the "funny" facts.

In China, students call me Kelly; In America, students call me Mrs. Chen;

In China, when I introduce my name-Fangfang, people will associate it with the famous song " There is a girl named Xiaofang in the village"; In America, people always wonder why I got the given name-2 teeth. After they know the correct pronunciation, they need some information to help them remember my name, like "fun fun" or "funky monkey". You never know people's creativity when they show their interests in helping me find the right nick name.

In China, I love all the cakes, pizzas and pasta; In America, I try my best to feed myself Chinese food;

In China, I watch American TV shows and movies a lot; In America, I feel like living in the "American shows" and sometimes want to switch into the Chinese channels...
A Letter from the State Department
Greetings from the State Department!


As we welcome another group of program alumni, let us take this opportunity to enlist your continued support for the TCLP community. We provide opportunities to give back through participation in the classroom as mentors, speakers, or panelists on alumni committees and attending programs and events. These opportunities promote networking on multiple levels - personal, business, educational, and social.  Please be proactive with your future and stay connected with us. We'd love to hear about your continued success both inside and outside the classroom. Now, please enjoy this latest installment of the TCLP Alumni Newsletter.
Chicago Alumni School Students Participate in Qatar Debate World Championship

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel congratulated Lindblom's Arabic students on their performance during a visit to the school. Students traveled to Qatar, where they debated fellow Arabic-speaking students from Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Singapore, and other nations. 

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2014 Chinese Teacher Chen Jinyun Publishes Piece on U.S. Education 


TCLP Chinese teacher Chen Jinyun recently published an article about the American education system and students' school life in the official journal of her home school in China, the Nanjing Foreign Language School's Xianlin Campus. Read More 


Allan Katz Interviews Arabic Teacher Eman Bekheet on Louisiana Newsmaker


Eman Bekheet, a 2013-2014 TCLP participant, was interviewed by a local TV station in New Orleans to talk about TCLP and the International School of New Orleans' Arabic program. Read More

Two Critical Language Projects Increase Awareness of Chinese Language and Culture


Tan Lihua and Chen Fangfang were awarded Critical Language Project grants to create school-based Chinese Clubs at their schools that would offer additional opportunities for students to study Chinese culture and practice their Mandarin language skills.
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Arabic Language Flourishes in Denver
TCLP exchange teacher Mohamed Mehanny helped the Arabic programs at Thornton Middle and High Schools in Denver, Colorado grow from nothing to span five grades in two years. Read More 
Alumni Spotlight
Alumni Dinners in Beijing and Cairo Highlight Accomplishments
American Councils program staff at both dinners in Cairo and Beijing were excited to see the continued enthusiasm that TCLP alumni have for the program and hope to explore future alumni engagement activities. These meetings inspired a new initiative for TCLP alumni to display their leadership skills. 
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2014 TCLP Video Contest Winners

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