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Li Jing
(Jianyang, China)
Chinese Teacher
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Li Jing is originally from Pengshan, China. She received her master’s degree in English linguistics and literature from Sichuan Normal University and has been an English teacher at Sichuan Jianyang Middle School since 2012. Her achievements include first place at the First "Wenxuan" Micro Course Competition, held by the Institute of Science Education of Ziyang and receiving second prize at the 9th National Excellent English Classes of Senior High Schools Awards, given by the National Basic Foreign Language Teaching Research Center. Ms. Li enjoys reading, watching movies, and traveling. During her year in the United States, Ms. Jing looked forward to improving her English, experiencing American culture, participating in American activities, and sharing her cultural holidays with her students. Ms. Li’s primary objectives for participating in TCLP were to improve her classroom management skills and to teach others about China. She was hosted by Bonny Eagle High School in Standish, ME.