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Gu Zhen
(Guangxi, China)
Chinese Teacher
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Gu Zhen is from Guangxi Province, China. She received her bachelor of arts degree in English Education from Yulin Normal University in Guangxi. From 2008-2011, she taught English at Guilin Experimental Middle School, which is affiliated to Capital Normal University. She has been an English teacher at Qinzhou No.1 Middle School since 2011. Ms. Gu has participated in many teaching contests through her school and has received many awards. She is interested in sports games such as balloon volleyball and shuttlecock. She enjoys traveling and has been to many places. Her goals for participating in TCLP are to help students learn standard Mandarin, to promote cultural understanding, and to experience different teaching methods in the U.S. She hopes to develop new teaching materials and resources and develop a long- lasting relationship between her home school and U.S. host school. Ms. Gu was hosted by Wright Elementary School in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.