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Bofa Zhong
(Jiangsu, China)
Chinese Teacher
Program Year: 
Cohort Leader for 2006-2007
Zhong Bofa is from Jiangsu and holds a degree in language teaching. He has been teaching for 9 years and is head of the teaching staff at the Jiangyan No. 2 Middle School. As a national-level demonstration school and a key school of Jiangsu Province, it is also a green school that hosts the Schools of Education and Science Technology. Mr. Zhong’s awards include “Pioneer of Our School” for outstanding performance (which he has won multiple times) and a prize from the local government for his contributions in promoting language teaching in middle school. He is in charge of the Oral English Program in his school. Mr. Zhong was hosted by the Atkinson Elementary School, Professional Development Academy, in Portland, Oregon. Mr. Zhong is the TCLP Alumni Cohort Leader for the China 2006-2007 group.