Friday, March 6, 2015 - 19:27
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We are learning how to ask and answer time in Chinese. First we reviewed numbers with Chinese chant: China one,two,three, shared by Vicky Chang in our wibinar . Then I introduced how to say hour, minute, second, half and quarter in Chinese as well as introduction of time zone in China, only one, East 8 zone, which is different from America. And I asked the time via big clock and they learned to answer in Chinese . After some times , we practiced how to ask time together and I handed out 6 little clocks to 6 kids and they were supposed to ask time in Chinese and I showed the time using my big clock , then the others answer in Chinese and the ones with small clocks just fixed time on their yellow ones. After that , we played the game:a)Find your time pairs! b)"Monkey, Monkey, what time is it?"c)Time quiz: Each of my kids also made a small clock with Chinese numbers on it and ask and answer with each other. d)clockman:TPRS. They are marvelous learners and partners who can follow me swifter than I can imagine. I am proud of my kids!

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