Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 19:50
 School Locations
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  • Recognize the characters for school vocabulary (e.g., 教学楼-classroom building, 办公室-main office, 校长室-principal’s office, 图书馆-library, 体育馆-gym, 礼堂-auditorium, 电脑室-computer lab, 实验室-science lab, 音乐室-music room, 美术室-art room, 医务室-nurse room, 足球场-soccer field, 操场-play ground, 停车场-parking lot, 餐厅-cafeteria, 小卖部-concession stand, 厕所-restrooms
  • Describe location (e.g., 图书馆在教学楼对面-The library is across from the classroom building.)
  • Understand similarities and differences between Chinese and American school campuses.
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