Monday, April 21, 2014 - 23:47
My Town
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The objectives 1-Recognize some different places in their town in Arabic.
2-Recognize the four directions (North, South, east and west) in Arabic.
3-Ask and answer about the locations for different places in the town.
4-Design a poster describing specific places in the town with writing below the drawing.
In this lesson I tried to teach my students some different places in their town such as (School. Police station,Museum,...............). Then the four directions in Arabic.They played a rotating game to consolidate the four directions After that I tried to teach my students how to ask about a specific place in their town then they can answer using the four directions which they learned.They practiced the asking and answering in a pair work activity. The last stage of the lesson when they started working in small groups to design their own town poster by picking a specific place drew it and and wrote the question and its answer below the drawing. They stuck it up after they showed it for all the class and said what they wrote.

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