Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - 15:33
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1. The students should know the Chinese words of feelings—高兴 gāo xìng, 难过 nán guò
兴奋 xìng fèn, 无聊 wú liáo, 生气 shēng qì, 担心 dān xīn,紧张 jǐn zhāng, 累 lèi , 饿 è, 饱 bǎo, 热 rè, 冷 lěng, 渴 kě
2. The students are able to talk about their feelings:
A: 你(nǐ)觉(jué)得(de)怎(zěn)么(me)样(yàng)?How do you feel?
B: 我(wǒ)觉(jué)得(de)…I feel…

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