Sunday, March 17, 2019 - 18:16
Colors (Feminine)
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Student Age
Lesson Theme

Use single words and simple memorized phrases to present to an audience:-
Red أحمر/ حمراء – green أخضر /خضراء yellow اصفر/ صفراء – white أبيض/ بيضاء – black اسود سوداء – - blue أَزرق / زرقاء - orange بُرتُقالي / بُرتُقالية – pink زهري / زهرية - purple بنفسجي / بنفسخية
Understand how to respond to simple memorized questions in the target language, which focus on the key vocabulary of the lesson, in classroom activities and different content areas.
E.g., What color is the……? ما لون ال.....
Consolidate the previously taught vocabulary and phrases: colors (as masculine adjectives).
Use readily available technology tools and digital literacy skills to present in the target language.

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