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The Affirmation Wall at Butler Academy
Language Level
Student Age
Teaching Techniques

Goals (What should students know & be able to do by the end of the unit?):


(content) understand the greeting sentence “你好!(Hello!)你好吗?(How are you?) 早上好!

(Good morning!) 晚上好! (Good evening!)” and sentence patterns “你是谁?(Who are you?) 

我是....(I am…)” to ask and answer the questions about others’ names.

(language) use the above to greet and introduce themselves.

(skills) Sing the song of the topic “你Ni 好Hao 歌Ge (Hello song).”


-Self- Introduction

(content) Understand the sentence pattern我是....(I am…) to ask and answer the questions about others’ names and “他是( He/ She is____)” to introduce their classmates. Also learn the twelve animals from the Chinese Zodiac.

(language) Use the above sentence 我是....(I am…) to introduce themselves.

(skills) Write their name card.


-Moon Festival

(content) understand the spirit of Moon Festival and know the story of Moon Festival.

(language) say “中秋节快乐( Happy Moon Festival) and 月饼( Moon Cake)” in Mandarin.

(skills) finish the moon cake coloring and trace the characters in the worksheet.


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