Capstone Abstract

The capstone project will be incorporated with the annual Chinese New Year events next year in 2023. It will be a fair open to the community that welcome all the community members to enjoy various fun activities involving Mandarin and Taiwanese culture. There will be popular Taiwanese food such as Boba Tea, Taiwanese fried chicken, potstickers and scallion pancakes…etc. People may need to pass a Trivia about Taiwan to get tickets for food, or they can try to order food in Mandarin! Other than that, people may also try out few traditional Taiwanese toys/sports, such as Kendama or Jianzi (shuttlecock) to get tickets for food. Presumably, it will be a 2 to 4 hour fair on a Saturday afternoon. And it requires brainstorming, planning, co-ordinating with staff who are in charge of cultural affairs, the Chinese team, and students who volunteer to help. This project can also be a warm-up for students who are going to Taiwan for 3 weeks in 2023!