Capstone Abstract

My capstone project aims at leaving a tradition alive and going on after leaving, and even if the school is not able to get another exchange teacher next year. My idea is to create a cooking club for students and a class for teachers, parents and community.  I will prepare those who signed up to run a Moroccan Night.  The first capstone I have in mind is the cooking classes where students, teachers, parents and community will learn more about the culture of food in Morocco and the Arab world through presentations and hand-on activities of cooking different dishes and preparing different drinks. This project will lead to what we will call a “Moroccan Night on Ramadan” (the second capstone) which will take place in the form of a get-together with the students, parents, teachers and the community. Through this event, I will share different dishes, drinks and Moroccan music. Moreover, having the class on cooking will give students, teachers, and the community the chance to keep this tradition alive without me. If the school needs help in the future I can be available through Zoom. Finally, to sustain the Moroccan Night on Ramadan event, the student club and adult classes will create a book of recipes that will contain all the dishes and drinks we learned together.

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