Capstone Abstract

The capstone project is about five activities of Lunar New Year.

1.Playing red envelopes game 🧧:The participants can play the most popular Taiwanese new year game - scoop the red envelopes into a pan and win the prize.

2.Making dumplings🥟:The participants can learn how to make dumplings and enjoy the most well-known new year food.

3.Writing calligraphy ✍🏻 :The participants can experience the festive vibes through writing the blessings on the red couplet. They can also bring the spring couplet back home as a gift and stick it on the door.

4.Making paper dancing dragon🐲:The participants can make the paper dancing dragon craft and play with it.

5.Learning Lunar New Year Cultures🧨:The participants can learn Lunar New Year Cultures through the books, youtube videos. They can also find out the Chinese zodiac of the year they born.

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