Capstone Abstract

My capstone project is called “Get to know China” with the purpose of attracting more students to sign up for Mandarin in the high school, developing a curriculum that can be passed down, promoting better cultural understanding between the US and China, and building a sister school partnership. Besides the daily Chinese class to help students acquire preliminary communicative abilities, focusing on four skills, particularly on listening and speaking, we’ll set up a Chinese club at school and the church, aiming to help people around the community to learn more about the Chinese culture by doing hand-on practice like Chinese painting, Chinese dance, Chinese massage, paper cutting, handcraft, appreciating household folk stories, celebrating the traditional Chinese festival, especially the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and holding a dumpling festival for all the students and teachers on the campus. Besides, we have live video chats with students in my home school, exchanging school information, festivals and celebration, and university preparation so as to help those who’d like further their study in either country.

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