Capstone Abstract

The EMMS Chinese Class Yearbook 2021-2022 is an artistic presentation of all the activities, what the students have learnt throughout the year, as well as students’ own understanding of things related to the language and culture learning. This is not only a collection of memory, but also an achievement exhibition. Students in the Chinese class and Chinese enrichment class all work together to the final production of the Yearbook. Besides, the outreach activities to the whole school and community also make up the yearbook. The yearbook is going to be presented in two forms: actual book as well as e-book, so that pictures, videos, words, songs, etc. can be represented in diverse forms. The activities include Mid-Autumn Festival (making mooncakes); Chinese New Year (Celebration, making dumplings); Lantern Festival (making lanterns, celebrations, guessing lantern riddles); Paper cutting; Calligraphy; Chinese Painting; Singing Contest, etc. The Capstone Project overlaps the CLP, as this is a huge project. But the whole class put great effort to making it a reality.


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