Capstone Abstract

The theme of our capstone project is culture boxes. And it is also our CLP. Both of my home school and host schools are willing to establish a sister-school relationship. Therefore, we plan to ask students and teachers to communicate with each other through a series of activities called culture boxes.

For my host school, MBA really has a global vision and try to provide students as many opportunities as possible to broaden students’ horizon and mind because most students may not have the chances to know the outside world even the whole life. Therefore, they provide English, Spanish, French, Japanese as well as Mandarin. This language teaching process not only offers language learning process, but also about world culture. Students here need the authentic Chinese culture to help them understand the outside world so that they will be further motivated in growing up to achieve their future goals.

For my home school, we have international classes and programs where students are focused on English learning and aim to come to the USA or Canada to continue high school or University. It’s a good opportunity for them to communicate with American students before they actually come here so that they can have a better understanding of American education.

For teachers in both schools, we all have PLCs every week to learn the modern teaching methodologies and how to apply them into our teaching to achieve improvements, if we can set a time every month for language teachers to communicate teaching methodologies and education system, it will be very helpful for both Chinese teachers and American teachers in their professional development.

Although I will only be in MBA for a year, MBA is really eager to keep the program consistent. MBA will not only have long-lasting sister-school relationship with my home school, MBA can also further develop this mode to establish sister-school relationship with the next Chinese exchange teacher’s home school. In this way, more opportunities will be provided for both students and teachers in MBA.

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