Capstone Abstract

My vision for the capstone project is to have students perform skits and voice-over projects where they have authentic interactions in Arabic. They will also exhibit their artistic crafts related to Arabic culture. During curriculum and learning materials design, I decided to have a creative and authentic way to assess students' acquisition. At the end of the unit, they must make a video representing the culmination of all linguistic functions, vocabulary, and grammatical structures learned throughout the trimester. It is a skit that emulates an authentic conversation between characters where they perform and put all the above-mentioned linguistic elements to good use. I will work with my students on these skits as they represent a recapitulation of all they have been learning so far. Students and I will exhibit these projects during a school district-wide event. I plan to display them during the literacy night as I will have a stand for the Arabic Language and Culture. Parents and members of the district board of education will attend. Visitors will get a chance to see the progress of the Arabic program and will learn about it and its objectives through students' projects in the Culture and language classes. These projects will serve the school as they will represent the output of the Arabic program. It will also mean a measure on which the teacher taking over will base their curriculum for the following year.