Capstone Abstract

Capstone Abstract 1 ( Building a curriculum for Arabic1)
I work at Nicotra Early College and John Lavelle Charter School. The program was implemented at Lavelle four years ago, but it is the first year for Nicotra to have Arabic as a new critical language, I thought that the school needs a designed Arabic curriculum at Nicotra. I’ve designed and created a curriculum for Arabic I, as one of my goals is to help - both- the students & next year Arabic teachers to have rich and authentic resources that can be used at least as guidelines. I've designed the curriculum during the first week after distributing some surveys to my students asking about the topics they would like to learn this year. Then prepared the teaching materials & presentations, created Google Classrooms & uploaded the whole work to it. Besides, leaving hard copies of the materials for the coming teacher.

Capstone abstract 2 ( Educational resources)
I have a package of teaching materials that I would contribute with to the school such as: flash cards, posters, online resources , maps , entry and exit tickets and assessment worksheets, in addition to some papyrus, souvenirs and Arab costumes.

Capstone Abstract #3 ( Arabic Language books section in the school library)
I had a talk with the ELA team leader. I showed my interest in contributing with some Arabic books, stories and a dictionary. They welcomed the idea of having an Arabic corner in the school library.
After the fall workshop, I would provide the school with hard and soft materials which would be useful for the coming teachers

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