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Butter lovers-(梁祝) also known as "China's Romeo and Juliet" is a Chinese legend of a tragic love story of a pair of lovers. The most popular love story in China tells the legend of two 4th century Chinese lovers who could not marry due to different family backgrounds. After the hero dies of a broken heart, the heroine leaps on his grave and the two turn into a butterfly couple after their deaths. For centuries, the story has been adapted into traditional operas, movies and TV plays.

The Butterfly Lovers - Liang Zhu is an interdisciplinary Musical dance project that is simply an opportunity for students to come together and make art about what they learn from the Chinese story and how much they get inspired from the music.

This project is a collaboration of students at Mesita 3rd grade Chinese class to create a musical performance, 4th grade art class to design and construct artwork; and 5th grade orchestra class for the original pieces of music. There are also other contributions from local artists and business owners in the El Paso area. They provided awesome resources like, photography and editing skills, and costumes to support the success of our performative event.

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