Butterfly Lovers 梁祝

Butter lovers-(梁祝) also known as "China's Romeo and Juliet" is a Chinese legend of a tragic love story of a pair of lovers. The most popular love story in China tells the legend of two 4th century Chinese lovers who could not marry due to different family backgrounds. After the hero dies of a broken heart, the heroine leaps on his grave and the two turn into a butterfly couple after their deaths. For centuries, the story has been adapted into traditional operas, movies and TV plays.

Chinese New Year Celebration

Host School

My project is divided into two parts: Chinese New Year Gala and Chinese New Year Food which takes place on Feb.7 and Feb 10. The Chinese New Year Gala consists of 9 performances where I include the most typical Chinese cultural elements and demonstrate students’ Chinese language skills at the same time. For the food part, I ordered authentic Chinese food in the restaurant and invite teachers and students to share the food.

Faust First Chinese Celebration

With a twist on multiple intelligences, my capstone project will allow students to contribute student-selected projects that will be showcased during Faust's First Annual Chinese Celebration. Students will be given a list of small projects they can choose from, individually or in a small group, that peaks their interests, builds on their specific intelligence and showcases Chinese Language and culture. The goal is to invite the entire school community to Chinese Celebration to participate in the event.

Chinese Club

Host School

The capstone project is Chinese club. Anyone who is interested in can join. We will meet every Monday after school from 2:30-3:30 IN Room 128.We learn about Chinese culture, celebrate Chinese festivals, do calligraphy and Chinese painting, paper cutting and mask making, read Chinese cartoons as well as learning Chinese songs and dances. I will teach how to cook Chinese dishes and celebrate the Spring festival by organizing a food party on the Spring Festival Eve.

Moos Capstone Project

Capstone for Moos Elementary School is a big show for students. On spring festival, we will have a showcase for all the moos Chinese mandarin learners and parents and a dragon parade with students from different grade and a Chinatown tour. It will happen around Feb since it is the spring festival. The teachers will be on the fashion show and the fifth grade will be the MC.

Dumpling Day

January 24 is the Chinese New Year's Eve. Chinese people have the tradition of eating dumplings on New Year's Eve. It means that the old year has passed and the New Year has come. It aims to make people welcome the New Year with hope. I will invite some students, some staff and some parents to attend this activity on one day afternoon from January 21st -24th. I will teach them how to make dumplings, so that they can experience delicious food and know more about Chinese customs and culture.

Chinese Club

Host School

The two Chinese clubs in the two feeder middle school can really bring a lot interests to students to take Chinese. Many students who sign up for the club may take Chinese classes when they get into high school. It will increase the energy, enthusiasm and excitement around the students to take Chinese.
In the club we will do:
Celebrate Chinese holidays
Learn about Chinese culture
Learn basic Chinese language
Do Chinese art such as Calligraphy and painting, paper cutting, mask making, etc
Play Chinese games
Learn Chinese songs and dances