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Students Life in the US Schools - Unit Map
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This unit was developed by Eman Bekheet, Rezk Alsaidy, Wang Wenzhao, Zhang Haiyang, and Chen Jinyun during the TCLP 2013-2014 Spring Workshop. See the unit map for more details.

The First Day at School - Lesson by Rezk Alsaidy
1) Revise the basic conversations and different ways of greetings. 2) Practice the time, school subjects. 3) Talk about their friends using the past tense. 4) Write an essay or a paragraph about their first day at school this year. 

Leisure Activities in American High School - Lesson by Wang Wenzhao
1) Talk about how they spend their leisure time. 2) Brainstorm some ideas for these activities. 3) Write a short story like a diary. Every student should choose his own title. 

The Future Job of the American High School Students - Lesson by Zhang Haiyang
1) Revise the jobs, transportation and the places where they work. 2) Discuss their future career and why they choose that particular job. 3) Write an essay or a paragraph about their future job. 

Poetry: "The Schoolboy" - Lesson by Chen Jinyun
1) Learn more about the Romantic poetry and literature. 2) Recite, read and analyze the poem 3) Analyze the themes and ideas behind it 4) Write a critical appreciation to reflect their point of view about this poem.

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