Sabrin Abdelgawwad
November Unit Plan: Colors, Fruits, & Vegetables
Language Level
Student Age

By the end of the unit ss will be able to :

-Recognize the names of some colors in Arabic.
-Use different colors to describe fruit, vegetables and objects
- Ask and answer about colors.
- ما هذا اللون؟
-Say their favorite colors. لوني المُفَضَل هو..
-Learn & say some fruits & vegetables in Arabic
-Use the colors to describe fruits & vegetables
-Learn and use some Arabic adjectives about (shape- size- taste)
- Use the colors & other adjectives to describe fruits & vegetables.
- Fulfil some assessments that cover the unit.
- Differentiate between the feminine & masculine adjective كبير/كبيره، أزرق/زرقاء
- Recognize some kinds of fruits& vegetables in Arabic.
- Say their colors, taste, shape, size& taste.
- Express likes and dislikes
- Ask and answer about fruits I/you like.
- -make a presentation about their favorite fruit & vegetable
- - Fulfill the monthly written exam