Mohamed Mehanny
Cultural Differences - Unit Map
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This unit was developed by Mohamed Mehanny, Chen Fangfang, Teriza Malak, and Zhang Guifen during the TCLP 2013-2014 Spring Workshop. See the unit map for more details.

Birthday Celebrations in US & China - Lesson by Chen Fangfang
1. Talk about the differences and similarities in group.
2. Finish the Venn diagram about comparing the celebrations in the 2 countries.
3. Finish the writing project—My Chinese Birthday Celebrations or Compare the Birthday Celebrations in US and China.

Baby Showers - Lesson by Teriza Malak
1. Identify the difference between this event in their home countries and the United States.
2. Read and understand a passage about this event in the United States.
3. Talk and share their point of views in pairs.
4. Students talk about what they got in a presentation activity.
5. Students write a paragraph to comment on what is similar and what is different related to this event.

Wedding Ceremonies - Lesson by Zhang Guifen
1. identify how this event is common but it is different in procedures.
2. express and share their ideas with each other in a pair work activity.
3. write a paragraph about this event in the United States.

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