There are five people in my family.我家有五口人

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Interpretive Reading & Listening
Ss. can identify the words of 家、五口人、爷爷、奶奶、外公、外婆、 谁

Interpersonal Communication
Ss. Can ask and answer using the following sentences patterns.
1.-- 你家有 几口人? --我家有五 口人。
2.-- 这是 谁? -这是我爷 爷、奶奶。
3.我家有五 口人:爸 爸、妈妈、 哥哥、弟弟和我。

Presentational Speaking & Writing
1. Ss. Can tell about their family.
2. Ss. Can ask and answer questions about family.
3. Ss. Can make a family tree.
4. Ss. Can Write a paragraph about their family.

Interpersonal Communication
Ss. can ask and answer questions about family members.

Ss. can Compare and contrast the names of family members in China and America.

Ss. Can understand there are big families in China in which children often live with grandparents and parents.

Ss. Can tell about their family. (School and Global Communities)

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