Outreach/ Egyptian Snacks and Arabic Greetings

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This outreach is entitled Egyptian snacks and Arabic Greetings. The idea behind it is to introduce myself to the staff in Leicester Middle School and teach them a new Arabic Greetings. I also introduced them to some delicious snacks that are famous in Egypt.
The objectives are:
1- Introduce myself as the new Arabic teacher from Egypt to my colleagues at Leicester Middle school.
2- Answer their questions about the program and how I was assigned to school.
3- Teach them a new Arabic greeting.
4- Introduce them to a number of delicious Egyptian snacks such as Halva حلاوة ,Sesame bars سمسمية ,Turkish delightsملبن and Dried apricot
.قمر الدين paste
5- Provide some information about Egyptian eating habits (using our hands, eating with the spoons and having bread on almost every

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