Mid-Autumn Festival

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This class is about the traditional Chinses festival the Mid-Autumn Festival, as it is in this week. I hope the students can know about the festival, such as the date, the legend ,what people do and what people say to each other. Most importantly, I hope my students can feel the charm of Chinses culture through the festival. the specific goals are as follows:
1. students will be able to say 中秋节快乐 Happy Mid-Autumn Day and 月moon in Mandarin;
3. write the character 月moon;
4. know that Chinese characters originate from pictures in nature;
5. know about the traditional Chinese festival: Mid-Autumn Festival, such as the date, what people do and the legend .
The highlight of the class is the dance part. I teach them about the movements step by step,and they all enjoy dancing with me to the Chinese song about the moon. They enjoy the legend of the festival too, and they ask me many questions about the moonlady. Writing the character 月 is thelast part of the class. it's a good end as it enables students have a calm down time after the active dance.

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