I have my Chinese name

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the students will 1)Have a Chinese name
2)Recognize their own Chinese name as well as their classmates”
3)Introduce their Chinese names to others
This is my second teaching week , during which I managed to name all my students in Chinese, by various of activities. At first,some of them have Chinese names but without enough confidence to speak them aloud,let alone write them out. So I made a name card with their favorite color not only in English,but also in Chinese as well as in pinyin for each of my student. Then the next day I begin to call their names with name cards in Chinese,instead of in English . If someone has no sense of his or her name,you see, some of my students are newcomers,and without any learning background in Chinese, I will let all the class help me to find whose name is it. After that, I let them introduce their Chinese names to their table mates and after they are familiar with each other's Chinese name, I lead them to play a competition game. They are divided into groups according to their tables. I will ask the table monitor to help me to find my name card in a box in the front of the classroom. At the same time,all the class count numbers in Chinese in order to know how long their group spent as well as practice their Chinese numbers. After my name card is found, the relay-race stick, which I made the day before, is supposed to pass to another member in the same group ,who would find the name card of the table monitor'. My pupils are excited no matter they are winners or not. Then we sit in a big circle and play a introduction game to the Chinese song "find my friend " . Firstly,a kid runs around us to find a classmate to introduce himself or herself in Chinese and then they greet each other,and exchange roles,the later would find another one to make an introduction. Then ,I hand out name papers and ask them to write their Chinese names on them. After they finished, we play a ball game. Every player throws the rubber ball to another saying "I am..., I pass it to ..." If anyone forget their Chinese name,he or she would be out. Then,on Friday evening, I was invited by my host family and another kid's parents to have a dinner outside,enjoy an America singer's song during the dinner. And the boy's mother expressed she was happy to find her son could say and write his Chinese name at home. So I was very happy too.

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