Fruits and their colors الفَواكِهُ وألوانُها

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* Use single words and simple memorized phrases for fruits, likes and dislikes to present to an audience:-
Kiwi كيوي – pears إجاص – mangoes مانجو - oranges بُرتُقال -
strawberry فراولة – apricot مِشمِش - grapes عِنَب – I like أنا أُحِب
* respond to simple memorized questions in the target language, which focus on the key vocabulary of the lesson, in classroom activities and different content areas.
- What color is……? ما لَون
- Do you like……..? هل تُحِب
- Which fruit do you like most? ايُّ الفواكِه تُفَضِّل؟
* identify examples of cognates and loan words.
Kiwi – mango
• Consolidate the previously taught vocabulary and phrases by using them in new context..

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