Countries, Colors, Body Parts and Instructions

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1.The students should be able to make a short conversation freely and independently in Mandarin Chinese, concerning the topics of greetings, questions and answers about names, favorite countries, colors and numbers.
2.The students should be able to say out the colors of the national flags in different countries.
3.The students should be able to recognize and understand the meanings of certain Chinese characters, such as mouth, eyes, hand, observe their components and find their connections with the the features of the corresponding body parts.
4.The students should be able to act out the touch head, shoulder, knees and toes game with other instructions such as put up, clap, nod, shake, put down, clap, stomp corresponding body parts independently and creatively after the teacher’s demonstration with the first group of students and summarize the English meanings of the body parts and observe the similarities and differences in numeral and descriptive words before the nouns between Chinese and English.
5. Play the game Ms. Wang says (Simon says) to practice immediate reactions to instructions with body parts.