Colors, Tourist Attractions and Beijing Opera

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1. Ss will be able to say the following colors in Mandarin: red(红色), green(绿色), orange(橙色), pink(粉红色), black(黑色), brown(棕色), blue(蓝色), grey(灰色), yellow(黄色), purple(紫色), silver(银色), golden(金色), and white(白色).
2. Ss know some Chinese tourist attractions by coloring the map of China
3. Ss will be able to say the sentence patterns:
这是什么颜色?这是________。(What color is it? It’s_________.)
你喜欢什么颜色?我喜欢________。(What color do you like? I like_________.)
你不喜欢什么颜色?我不喜欢________。(What color do you dislike? I dislike_________.)
4. Ss get the basic information of Beijing Opera.
5. Ss color a Beijing Opera mask and design a Beijing Opera mask of their own.

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