Colors and Chinese facial makeup

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1.Students will be able to speak out 10 words of colors in Chinese correctly. (红red, 黑black,白white,灰grey,橙orange,棕brown,紫purple,绿green,黄yellow,蓝色blue,)
2.Students can recognize the right colors and speak them out when asked to say in Chinese.
3.Students will be able to make short dialogues with the sentence patterns
----这是/那是什么颜色?( What color is this? /that?)
----这是?那是(This/ That is ...)
4.Culture: Students can learn something about the facial makeup in Chinese opera and can finish decorating one makeup with different colors on the paper imitating the masks I brought from China.
5. Students will have fun by putting on the masks on the faces and presenting their works to the class.

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